Uso di M3 e M5 durante il taglio usando il DXF

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Vorrei sapere come fare ad utilizzare M5 e M3/4 tra diversi settori di taglio o incisione.
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There isn’t a way to switch between those at present. The GCode generated by the “GRBL” device uses M4, and the “GRBL-M3” device uses M3. This is something on my list to allow, but I do not have the option available yet.

Come faccio ad interrompere il laser passando da un taglio all’altro ?
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It should do that by itself if it is in laser mode: $32=1. In that mod, G0 moves disable the laser and G1 moves enable it.

You would also need to check that $30 is set the same as the “S-value max” setting in LightBurn in the Device Settings. GRBL and LightBurn both default to 1000, but other software often changes it to 255.

Controllo appena possibile. Non sarebbe il caso di prevederlo comunque l’M5 ?
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You wouldn’t want to use it all the time - all the extra M4 / M5 commands take extra communication bandwidth and processing, and would make engraving slower.