UV filter is it worth the money

Would it be worth putting one of these on a laser to keep the water clean and prolong the chiller tank.

uv water purifier.

I installed a similar, less expensive unit on my chiller output. It’s part of my start sequence when I begin a project. UV lamp on, chiller on, prep the job, etc.

Since I’ve installed it, I’ve not specifically checked for algae growth, but the inside of my laser tube is crystal clear. I can’t say that it would have growth on the tube without the UV device, but it’s provided peace of mind for my install.

I’ve read too much about additives and damage to various metals to be comfortable with different algaecides and anti-freeze/coolants. At least with the UV device, it’s still water passing through the system.

I use only distilled water in my chiller for 3 years and only topped it off once no algae or other issues

thanks for the replies