UV Laser (Galvo) + Fill All Shapes At Once


I am wondering if there is a work-around to my issue (besides purchasing a new UV laser machine)

I am working on a candle jar and have a large order to complete. The object diameter is 81.5mm, and the logo size is 42mm in height, and 38mm in width.

My UV lens is 110 x 110mm

My issue is with “fill all shapes at once”

When using this option the logo is cut off on each side, and I tried to use the cylinder correction method which didn’t change anything.

If, I could somehow get the shape to work without the rotary the total time is about 3 minutes to complete, and with the rotary it then becomes closer to 7.

Is there a way to fill all shapes at once while on the rotary without it turning and completing about 90% of the job, and for the last 10% or so have the rotary turn?

If I reduce the logo to 36.8mm in height, it marks properly without cutting off the edges. (not an option though)

If I simply use the rotary, its a much longer process. On a few glasses it wouldn’t matter, but I’m looking at 600+


Hello, I think so, you can activate “Run whole shapes” on the rotary screen and put the size of the part in “Max shape size”, correct me if I’m wrong

Thanks for the reply.

Yes, you can do that. However in my testing it doesn’t change anything.

For example: My image is 42mm in height x 38mm width. So if I change the max shape size to 38mm it doesn’t just kick the rotary in for the difference.

if I change the number to 42mm - the same applies.

So I’m a bit confused on how that works.

If, for example, the dimension of the image on the rotating axis is 40 mm and you activate “Run whole shapes” by setting the max shape size to 20 mm, it will engrave that size, then rotate and engrave the next 20 mm shape. I could be wrong, I used it a little and I don’t have the machine here to test it.

You can try a larger Split Size. That sets the max width each slice, so you could set it to be 90% of the logo’s size and it should run that portion, then rotate for the last 10%.

It doesn’t seem to do that for me. A split comes up showing section 1 and 2 / and then the laser starts on the bottom portion (and doesn’t rotate - so its engraving in thin air)

Thank you!

The split size did the trick. I was playing around with it, but I guess I did not make a large enough change for any sort of difference.

Two things I require clarification for;

Run whole shape if possible
Max Shape size; If you are using a rotary, and increased split size - does this even play a factor?

Also the output center;

Is this # supposed to be lined up in the center of the work piece with a Galvo? (in other words - is there a reason to play with this, if you are already positioning the work piece right under the laser center focus point?

Run whole shapes if possible attempts to create splits in such a way that shapes are not broken into segments — since your logo has a shape that is wider than the split size you’ve set, that won’t be possible.

On Output Center: correct, there is no reason to play with this setting if your work piece is already perfectly centered under the laser. It’s default value is half your laser’s workspace (dead center), and you only adjust it to compensate for off-centeredness, if necessary.

There is a feature on newer versions that project your output center on the object in the rotary for a few seconds. The whole shapes if possible works if your artwork is broken up into smaller objects, rotates to the center of each object and completes that object before moving to next one. Works good with text, but larger objects tend to warp at the edges. There is a feature request for rotary plus cylinder correction which would be awesome for this. The “If Possible” is up to the user, it is not limited by slices or even diameter.

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