UV laser glass engraving tips (cannot get it to work)

Hello all,

I love experimenting with machines and after getting a lot of hours on my CO2 I recently purchased a UV laser (5W).

Everything seems to work out for me (alu, steel, wood, plastic) but glass just does not want to work out for me. I first went the material test route and tried to get it done that way. None of the frequencies seem to work. I tried finding information on settings for a UV laser, but also no success. I set Q-pulse to 1 and frequency to random frequencies and tried getting it done that way, that also did not work. Tried other drinking glasses, nope.

Glass just doesn’t want to engrave for me :crazy_face:

Since I am probably doing something wrong or missing information, I thought I might ask you guys if you have any input before I pull my hair out :rofl:

Any feedback and input is greatly appreciated

Use 1ns Pulse and 50khz frequency.
Just play a bit with focus height, glass is very focus sensitive.

Thanks a lot for the guideline!
Do you also have a guideline for speed?

Thanks again!

Try like 800mm/s

Thanks for the information.

I have spent quite some hours today trying to find the best focus height and I then even played around with frequency and q-pulse. It just doesn’t seem to work out for me.

I have no idea what I am doing wrong. Is there something obvious I am missing?
Do you want me to share device settings / layer settings? Does that help?

I also have a lens with a big working area. (300x300). Is that maybe the problem?

Yes this will be a problem, get a 110x110 lense and you will be happy.