V1.1+ Flood Fill Bug

After updating to V1.1.0.0 or above, we are now experiencing “fill” issues on particular jobs.
We have one project using large fonts and now the internal areas are being filled.
I have reverse installed V1.0 versions (where this project was created) and the issue is not there.
After a few more experiments I found a strange anomaly, it doesn’t fill when it is outside the surrounding cutout box.
We have quite a few projects with large arrays.
It seems to be an issue with “Flood Fill” and being wholly contained in another shape, like a cutout.
It isn’t just confined to fonts either. I have tried a few shape in shapes, and it fills it all in just the same.
Is this something you can look into as it seems the newer version V1.1+ has created this anomaly.

We will continue with pre V1.1 for the time being.

Thank you for bringing this to our attention. :slight_smile: Another member has reported an issue that may be related, which we are also investigating. Something is going on with Flood Fill in the 1.1 release.

Ok, I’ve figured out what’s causing this and have a fix for it.

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Hello Lightburn.
Your latest release V1.1.03 fixes it.

I have attached the file for you anyway.
Many Thanks.

Horse Tag - RECT x 1 H - 110x75 - Final.lbrn (17.1 KB)

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