V1.6.00 can't load ANY FILE from network-mapped drive?


V1.6.00 No, it looks like this error of not seeing mapped drives exists at the file-load area as well. WTF, people? You don’t think we use networks out here in the real world?

Lots and Lots and Lots of expletives deleted!


Just installed v1.6.00, at startup load of materials library fails on network share that it loaded without error in previous version.

Until this install, my materials library has been stored on a network shared drive, X:\ and loaded properly on the design computer and the machine control computer.

Now that I have installed v1.6.00, it will no longer read the library file as specified in the preferences file. In this case, my path was:

X:\LightBurnSettings\Material Libraries

As you can see from this screenshot of the machine control computer, LB gives an error saying it cannot reach the file, even though Windows 11 (file) Explorer sees it there just like normal.

What’s “interesting” is that the Library Load dialog box does not even show the mapped drives; only the directly-attached drives. That is an unexpected change; shall I call it a “regression”?

If I navigate to the shared folder via the Network item when loading the library in LB, it loads it okay when it’s just a network share like this:

\\STUDIO\vmhosterx\LightBurnSettings\Material Libraries

Hmmm Hi there Thom!

Does the same behavior persist if you change this setting:
From Internal Load - to External Load

File menu > settings > File setting section

It’s working as it always has for me here. I’m on Windows 10 & 11 and LB is configured to use the internal load/save dialogues.

Was also wondering if it’s a limitation of file Path size+name size.

However, I am going to assume Thom had the exact same files working before and now they are not… So we shall wait for feedback.


I am already using the external dialogs, due to other issues long ago forgotten…probably having to do with shared drives ;-). This is the setting as I started this message.


Oddly enough, for S&Gs I tried switching to INTERNAL dialogs. That correctly shows the mapped network shares (after LB restart, of course). And what’s even more bizarre, when I switch back to external and restart LB, then those mapped network shares show up as expected.

Go figure.

So, um, I guess that means It’s a transitory issue?

And just so we all know I’m not totally insane, this behavior was witnessed and the fix duplicated on both a Win10 and Win11 machine.

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Hopefully transitory,
Could have been some network caching maybe?

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Maybe, but seems unlikely. As in the first screenshot, Winturds had no problems finding the share, the folder or the file. And LB wouldn’t even access the mapped drive where I keep all the design files. I do that all day long with that X:.… mapped drive. Literally all my design data goes through that drive reference, for CNC, LB, BobCAD, Mach4, everything. So that it would stop working just in LB is, well, annoying to say the least.

Thanks for the suggestions, everyone!

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Glad you got it sorted, hopefully the issue won’t return!

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