Va demasiado lento (going too slow)

Mi sofwer de repente va muy lento para trasladarse de un punto a otro va como a un milímetro por segundo ,ya actualice ,reinstale el sofwer,y sigue igual ,alguien que me pueda ayudar.

My software is suddenly very slow to move from one point to another, it goes like a millimeter per second, I already updated, reinstalled the software, and it’s still the same, someone who can help me.

If you are referring to the speed of jogging or framing then that can be adjusted by the speed entry within the ‘Move’ window.



Technically, software doesn’t move.

If you are moving in the workspace and the file is large or made with a large number of vectors, on an older computer, LightBurn can slow quite a bit.

With your project file loaded into LightBurn, click the Preview tool and capture the screen. This will count the nodes and some image data.

Drag and drop the screenshot into a reply here. :slight_smile:

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