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I need to cut a sheet of plywood that will contain 20 name tags. Each tag will have a different name. When I use %0 for all variables and click use once, the entire sheet still has the same name. How do I set it up to where each tag has a different name.
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Have you setup a csv file that includes all the names for your list? You will need to setup a merge list.

I have done the “merge” numerous times using a small diode laser one tag at a time. Now using a CO2 where I can cut numerous tags at once.

Are you able to share the .lbrn and csv files?

Thank you for your interest and sorry to take so long replying. Attached is a sample LB lbrn2 file and a text file. I appreciate you taking a look at it.
Badge Names.txt (639 Bytes)
50W Badge Test 5.lbrn (1.3 MB)

BTW, several little layout problems on this file that have since been corrected. Issue is only with the variable text. Again, thanks.

The variable text entry in the .lbrn file was broken (was not a text object) but I think what might be going on is that you’re not incrementing the offset for each copy of the variable text. You can do this with “Offset” in the text toolbar or if you use the array tool there’s a button that will auto-increment the offset for each iteration.

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