Variable Text Advancing When Closing Rotary Marking Window

The variable text auto-advancing feature is advancing my variable text by 2 instead of 1. I’m marking a tube using the rotary function and marking two separate objects within one run of the laser: a logo and the variable text. I’ve tried grouping the logo and variable text together so that it’s one object, but the variable text still advances by 2. When I test the variable text advancing feature and click the “Next” button, it increases by 1 correctly. Why does it advance too much when I’m actually running the laser?

An additional note is that it seems to auto-advance 1 after completing the run. But then I need to close the Rotary Marking window so that I can re-frame the project and align my next part. When I close the Rotary Marking Window, the variable text advances by 1 again. I’ve updated the title of this thread to reflect this.

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