Variable text and variable cut settings

I actually have 2 questions, but both related to the “variable text” option.

First one: How do I enter blank values, for example to make empty scrabble tiles in a sentence? I have already tried to insert things like this in the excel:
= “”
= ‘’
= ‘NULL’
= “” (with space)

Is there some hero out there that can help me?

the second one is a bit easier, you can combine “CSV / Merge text format” with “Cut Setting text format”? If yes, how can i achief this

thanks in advance,

Can you please explain what you are doing, where you want this in the design, and how you would like this to work? I am wanting to better understand your use case here.

You can have multiple ‘Text’ objects, set to different ‘Variable Text’ modes, then aligned as you’d like. Is this what you are asking?

Rik, i will try to explain it in detail hope you can help.

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Well i will it explain with the idea of making a birthday calendar.
CSV: I made a csv with 12 columns each column is a month. then i took the rows and as you can guess every row is a day (1-31), now i can fill in the names of the family on their birthday. but not every day we have a birthday person so we let them empty.

Lightburn: i make 1 master design, 1 one day. this one i copy 12 times for each month, each one with a different %0,%1,… code for the proper month. now i use the Array key 12 time for copying the days of that month. If i now press print it does crazy stuff as it doesnt see “blancs” how can i mark a blanc in a CSV?

not really. i was thinking out of the box for my problem and was looking at the " Cut Setting text format" option. never worked with it so maybe i need do do that first. the question was if you can use a code in the csv for changing the layer of a certain object, in that case i can use a layer that i turn off in my settings.

Hope you can make something from my chaotic explanation.

Big thanks in advance!

No, this is not the way this works. LightBurn replaces the content of a text object using the variable definition assigned. There is not currently a public variable, or programmatic way to change the layer of a specific object.

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