Variable Text Auto Advance

I love the variable text feature, but I think I’ve stumbled onto a limitation with the auto advance and inadvertently skip numbers. Can someone tell me if I’m missing something obvious here?

Currently the auto advance updates the variable text every time you push start. I’ve encountered an issue with my muti-part jobs where I split the engraving and cutting into separate layers, and send each layer to the laser separately. In this case, I end up hitting “start” twice per job.

This makes the variable text effectively skip because it auto advances even when the layer that contains the variables isn’t sent to the laser.

If I remember, I can manually go back and change the starting point for the variables, but that seems really cumbersome and I’m likely to forget half the time.

Has anyone else encountered this and have a good workaround?

The auto-advance will jump by whatever the ‘Advance by’ value is when you hit Start or Send. If you turn off auto-advance, you can just click Next yourself to manually advance the page when you’re ready, and click ‘Test’ to make sure that the values are what you expect.

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