Variable Text Fails in Circular Array

Running LightBurn 1.4.01 on Windows 10.

When using variable text serial numbers, I used “dd” to get the number to increment. The variable text tab works great and will increment by 5 like I want. But the circular array only increments the number by 1 regardless of what increment I set it to within. I am trying to get it to increment by 5. Here is my settings and how it appears when the circular array is open.

Then after I click ok, and click test or bake, it only incremented by 1 not 5 like expected.

I can confirm the behavior on 1.4.02 latest open beta.

I suspect two possible explanations:

  1. because this is a serial number skipping of values is not expected/supported
  2. this is a bug specific to serial number

Let’s ask @Rick to review and confirm.

I did some more testing, and found the following:

The circular array never increments regardless of the settings in the Variable Text tab or within the circular array. It will always increment by 1.

When using the same “dd” text and the grid array, I can get it to increment by 1,2, or 3, but when I choose 4 or higher it just increments by 1 regardless.

I am also seeing inconsistent behavior using the increment of ‘Variable Text’ using the ‘Circle Array’ and will continue to investigate. Thank you for reporting.

In my initial testing, I noted that if I change the ‘End’ value, then immediately revert that change, the results are as I’d expect.

While not ideal, check to see if this workaround is successful for your needs.

Update: I am finding that setting the Auto-Increment first, then temporarily change any other item on the dialog, including toggle switches, then change it back to the desired value, the Array will build correctly.

Thank you again for drawing our attention to this issue. We have found and fixed the cause and will push into the next release of the Public Beta for testing. :slight_smile:

Update: New beta has been pushed. I have done some testing and confirm this has been fixed.

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@LightBurn @Rick I think this bug persists. I use LB 1.4.04 and use the linear grid array. The auto increment is only correctly applied if I click on one of the checkboxes or switches in the dialog box after changing the value in the “auto increment” field.

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I can reproduce this on 1.5.00 Beta.

The pattern that I see:

  • Works: Change increment value first, then change other field values.
  • Fails: Change any number of field values, then change increment value last

Thank you for bringing this to our attention. From the internal chat,

OZ: This should be a simple fix. Sec. - Ok, done for 1.5. I can probably push to 1.4.04 too.

Thank you both, again! :slight_smile:

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