Variable Text Feature - Reprinting Multiples

The variable text feature is extremely beneficial and makes Lightburn a real asset! I had a few use case questions and wanted to see if anyone has suggestions on best practices -

My Use Case: When making name tags, I often have to go back and reprint only specific tags and everyday that list of tags is different. I’m looking to streamline this process by having one file of my most popular tags - setting up each tag up in a row of 8. For example, Row 1 would include the name “Bob Smith” replicated for 8 tags - let’s say this is start point 10 in the CSV. Row 2 would be “John Doe” for 8 tags at start point 22, etc. However, when I select the variable text in Row 2 and change it to the next starting point, it changes ALL the rows to show start point 22.

I’d like to be able to select different start points for each of the different rows so they display their respective tags in a single file in order to send one job to the laser.

The best I’ve come up with is to create a separate file for each reprint tag and print a row of it (8 tags). Then close the file, open the next file - send - close the file, open the next file - send - close the file, etc. The challenge is that each name tag gets its own file and I have to constantly send individual files and babysit the process.

Perhaps this functionality already exists or there’s a workaround? Any thoughts are welcome!

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