Variable Text Issue. Double incrementing- once during part orient, once during engraving

We are using a Lasersonly 200 watt laser and Light burn to engrave serial numbers. These require that the engraving be oriented to a part mounted in a rotary. I have a graphic setup on a tool laser for orienting the part in the rotary. When set to automatically increment the serial number increments twice per part when it should be set to increment only once. Incrementing manually will not work because duplicating a serial number is a BIG problem in our industry.

Welcome, and thank you for posting. If willing, please post a LightBurn project file demonstrating this undesirable behavior. Trying to envision what you describe, my brain is wrestling, but as they say, “a picture is worth…” Sharing the file might help me “see” what you are experiencing. :slight_smile:

3D Nomad Short.lbrn2 (81.7 KB)

Here is the project file that we are running. We use the square on the tool layer to orient the part using F1. Then run the engraving using F2.
Thank You

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Are you running this using a rotary, or is it just held by the rotary? (as in, are you running it using the rotary window, or just as a normal job?)