Variable Text Multiline and bounding box help

I have a design I would like to incorporate the variable text tool with.

What I’d like is to specify a max bounding box width/height and have the change the font size automatically to best fit in the bounding box, as well as split the text up into multiple lines if text is too long.

Is this possible?
Thank you.

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No, LightBurn does not currently have this feature as described.

Select the text shape, right-click, and choose “Show Properties”. The Shape Properties for text objects includes a ‘Max Length’ value which is the un-scaled text length in mm. If the text length exceeds that, the text will be scaled horizontally. Beware that scaling less than about 75% will make the text look pretty funky, and we don’t do word wrapping, so it’s workable, but not “fully automatic” in the way you’re asking for.

Thanks for the replies you two.
I didn’t realize text had other properties. I’ll have to use that in the future.

Alright, I’ll see if I can generate the content I want using Illustrator and some macros/plugins.
I’m not sure if word wrapping is a feature request or not, but please add me to the list if it is.

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