Variable text not saving serial

I can’t seem to get my variable text to save its position with my csv file. I’m running 1.1.03. I’ve attached the csv and the cut file
serialtest.lbrn2 (163.8 KB)
Serials Mini.csv (15.6 KB)

I’m reacquainting myself with Variable Text Formats.

I’ve opened the file and imported the Bahaus 93 font.

I see more Serial Numbers in the CSV than locations in the file. Can you tell me more about the work flow and what the desired outcome looks like?

I use these to to engrave serial numbers into my products. All I need it to do is save my number/position when I save and exit lightburn. right now I am writing it down and changing the number accordingly.

Any luck? Nothing on this end.

Nothing yet - Asking a few folks I know.

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