Variable Text not working

My Problem is pretty simpel

i want to use Variable Text feature

i create text file
i save as test.csv

i go into Lightburn
New file
write %0 font Arial

i save as TestText
i go into Variable Text window
i load the csv
i click every button inside there
nothing ever happens

Perhaps the text field is not in Merge/CSV format:

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I was curious of the feature, so I went to Variable Text in LightBurn - LightBurn Software Documentation page.
I did something similar, including the choice of Merge/CSV you didn’t mention but ednisley mentions.
When I click and maintain the click on the Test button, I see the change of %0 with the value in the CSV file.
When I look at the Preview, the change is effective too.
Perhaps you missed a step?

Note: in the above page, perhaps it would be clearer to mention that the “Variable Text window” is actually (by default) a tab in the same location than Cuts / Layers?

yes that was the mistake thx

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