Variable text query

I use variable text to ‘write’ the cuttings conditions on the material I use.
This has worked well. However, I seem to have a problem with the values used when the Layer Mode is Image.
The attached picture shows two variable text strings, the values seen using Play and the values in the Cut/Layer GUI.
Layer C01 is Mode Image where the variable text shows 100/20/1 for speed, power and passes – however the GUI shows values of 100/50/2. Whatever values I enter into the GUI, the variable text does not alter.
Layer C01 is Mode Line and whatever I enter into the GUI is shown in the variable text.
Note this assumes that p is the number of passes which I believe is undocumented in the relevant web page.
I think my test piece shows that the Image settings do have an effect on what is produced
Is there a problem with the variable text when the Layer is set to Image or am I doing something wrong?

Hello Henry

Could you please tell us which version of LightBurn you are using?

And could you share your LBRN file so we can try to replicate?

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Thank you. I am using 1.7.00 (as I am controlling an xTool S1 10w).
Attached is the LRBN2 file. Please let me know if there is anything else you need.
image var text test.lbrn2 (47.9 KB)

I am able to see what you are describing, need to do a few tests.
I think what is happening is the variable text is getting the cut settings of the LINE setting of that C00 not Image.

If you add a shape to C00 as Line, you will see is describing the settings correct

Will get back to you ASAP :slight_smile:

Thank you for sharing your LBRN

Hi Henry

Currently Cut Settings obtain only the Line mode of the layer - not the image mode.
So if C00 is an image, it will query the C00 Line settings even if layer is not present.

There is not - currently - a possibility to change this behavior.

Dev team added this to the TODO list but no ETA for when the improvement can be expected.

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Thank you - it is good to know what is happening. It would be great to have this corrected (as well as additions eg kerf as previously requested).