Variable text strange letter H behaviour

Another thing I came across in the variable text while using it for the serial function, is that if I use the letter “h” anywhere in the text before putting 0ddddd, it shows an error on screen ‘bad serial format’.
I assume this is getting mixed up somewhere along the line with the h for hexadecimal serial number but how can I us an H without it saying bad serial format, I tried using a # and ’ and " to separate but these didn’t work.

if I use enter
thing0ddddd, I get error, bad serial format but if I enter
ting0ddddd it works fine

latest version 0.9.07, windows 10 pro (Version 10.0.18362 Build 18362)
on a surface pro

Wrap the text that you want displayed literally in single quotes. For example, if you wanted to show a letter d in the text, prior to displaying a serial number, you’d need to do the same thing, like this:

‘display decimal’ 0dddd
‘display hex’ 0hhhh

To display a single quote, you have to double it up, like this: ‘don’‘t worry’

Gotcha, thanks heaps

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