Variable Text will not see the CSV files on my system via the file browser within lightburn

The Variable text feature is a huge boon, thank you. But I have a problem with the inbuilt browser:

With the Variable text feature, I can not see any files when using the built in file browser, I can see folders but no files. Attached is a screen shot of the same folder view from within lightburn and the same folder from my system file browser clearly showing many csv files.
No matter what I put in file name *.csv *.txt no files show. (including not showing on this forum page correctly)

I can get around it by manually typing in the file name, but seems like it is a bug, I should let you know about.
Using a Linux Mint 19.3 OS and lightburn 9.11.

At present experimenting with cutting wood veneer with a 2.5watt diode laser, good results so far.

The file extension filter is set incorrectly - that semi-colon should be a space in the extensions list. I’ve fixed this for the next release.

Great, thank you.

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