Variable text with 2 or more lines per cell

Hello, I have a lightburn question regarding variable text from an Excel/CSV. (Note this is my first experience using Lightburn, coming from RDworks8) Is Lightburn unable to read a cell with 2 or more lines in it? I can provide sample data if anyone requests it. The data that I’ve received from a company has service tags with 2 lines per cell. I’m trying to avoid going from Illustrator to Lightburn or RDworks since there’s about 1300 different tags. In a CSV it appears like


This one just happens to have a copy of each line, but they typically don’t. But here is another example and Lightburn doesn’t import the file because of an “error on line 67” where it has a double line cell.


If you can attach or email the CSV file I can look at what would be involved in supporting this. It’s honestly not something I’ve ever seen, but if the cell contents are quoted like that, I should be able to make it work.

Email to and include a link to this thread.

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