Varying cut results

Hi all, i’m a new user I have a question about consistant cuts
my machine is ortur master 2 pro
I purchased a 3mm premium pine plywood sheet and have been cutting out boxes at 200mm x 100% power, some of the cuts come out perfect and other are not cutting completely through
I have checked the thickness and it seems to be constant, i’m setting the same height for the laser,
My question is does the laser have a duty cycle and loose a bit of power the longer it’s used or could this just be a plywood issue as i do not know what the core is ?

You might be missing a clean pass
Wood, being a natural material, is by far from being uniform
So in some sections you might have denser grain than others.
Being also plywood, this implies is a composite where glues and materials internals might change slightly

If you are just missing the last thin layer on some cuts 3 things i would check
a) add 1 last pass, possibly faster one (can be done with 1.2.0)
b) confirm your material vs gantry are level
c) more passes, faster speed vs less passes more speed (depending on material this might help cleaner cuts)

Thanks Gil, yes i’m just missing the last thin layer, this ply was from a hardware store it,s probably not ideal, I have just ordered some dedicated laser ply online this sounds like what i should be using,