Varying speed rather than power

I am not sure why or if I changed something by accident but for some reason it is varying speed instead of power. No matter what setting I set it to it fires uses max power setting all the time but varies the speed instead.

I have not used the k40 in a few weeks and when I tried to use it today is when I started to see this issue. It is currently running the Cohesion3D laser board.

Suggestions? Still at a loss why my power is not changing and the speed changes instead.

What is the ‘it’ that is varying speed? And how do you know?

The only reason a C3D would vary the speed is if you were trying to engrave an image, and asked it to go faster than it is able to. You haven’t given any information about what kind of job you were trying to run, or what settings you used, so I can’t be any more specific than that unfortunately.

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