Vector current setting

My laser (Bodor 150w) is too powerful for engraving delicate materials. Looking for a setting that turns my overall power down. With other lasers I have used (full spectrum) I can use a vector current setting found in their Retina Engrave that can do this. Is there a setting in Lightburn to do that?

I have been considering this issue even with my 50w tube. It’s lowest lase level is at 10% and it would be nice to have a better scaling of the power for paper.

One though was to source a few of the optics that are used in beam combiners, they suck away a couple of % of power being in the path but don’t alter it otherwise.

Stacking a few of these right at the tube could give considerable control over the power getting to the final mirror…

This isn’t something that LightBurn could control unless the controller in the machine allowed it. Something that could work is perforation mode to emulate a kind of PPI. If you enable perforation mode, and set the cut & skip lengths to both be 0.1mm, you’ll get very tight spacing that’s probably indistinguishable from a line, but at half the output power, kind of like dithering the line.

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