Vector fill renders black box

This image renders correctly in the UI, but it looks like the GCode will be a black box.
Is this user error or a problem with my image?

You have a black box around the shapes, also on the same layer. If you have the layer set to ‘Fill shapes individually’, it’s likely filling the box as a whole thing.

If you post the project file, I could say for sure. (you can also email it to if you don’t want to post it publicly - include a link to this thread so we know what it’s for)

I see, so all objects on the same layer get filled, regardless of colour – got it.
That box is just so I know there my workpiece is, so I’ll put it on a different layer.

If you make that box a tool layer (T1 or T2, at the end of the palette) it will never be sent to the machine.

And yes, fills are everything on the layer. Normally putting a box around it all would make the stuff in the box un-filled, but if you have ‘Fill shapes individually’ it will do everything one at a time.

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