Vector is engraving in different depths

I really need some help here.
I am not sure if is anything to do with the settings or tube /stepper motor.

Basically, when I engrave a shape the middle is burning well but the edges no. You can see the difference in depth.

Not a really big issue with the large shapes but when I do letters or thin lines/ discontinued these don’t even get burned to be visible.

Will attach some examples. First image the logo is engraved at 200 speed/ 20 power ( above 0.100 interval, bellow 0.500 for a clear image).

Tried different settings as acceleration but nothing changed.

Other images as examples:

Have you looked at Scanning Offset adjust? (also called reverse interval compensation)

Thanks Oz.

I’ve tried it and it does not help. I will attach some examples… my issue is not the lines that offset is just that there is a considerable difference between middle and edges of engraving. And when I engrave thin lines (as vertical) it does not burn enough. This is more visible on other substrates.

The head is moving fast and from the point where the power is applied to the tube, till it reaches the point where power is at the correct setting is a few mm. Any mechanical issues will be magnified in high-speed scanning, especially with rapid, short back-and-forth.

Looking at your pictures, you have a ‘ragged’ edge in the scan direction, where mine is crisp.

Try setting the scan option ‘bi-directional’ to off and see if it improves.

Looking at your pic, your line on the right seems crisp, so your focus is good, but the scan is ‘wobbly’ - overshooting the place it’s meant to fire at. That can be mechanical or electronic. Chasing an electronic problem if it’s mechanical won’t solve it, you need to ensure that there’s no mechanical float in your CNC.

Once you’ve ruled out any mechanicals, then look at electronics and software.

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