Ver 9.01 won;t connect to machine

Downloade new ver 9.01…Eleksmaker A3 2.5 watt
Mana SE Ver 3.1 controller
GRBL 1.1e

When I start up program…console gives Homing Error:5
tried to connect to new machine with auto search nothing
Then manually removed old machine and added new
still won.t communicate

Won’t communicate, or you get a homing error? If you got a homing error then it is communicating.

Error 5 means you tried to home the machine but don’t have homing enabled or limit switches on your device - it’s from the controller itself, not LightBurn.

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not doing anything different than last version
Do not have any homing switches
This error pops up and I,m dead in the water won;t let me do anything

Disabled “return to finish position” rebooted and is up and running

Don’t you mean “home on startup” ?

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