Version 1.0 missing M3 for laser engraving (can't engrave)

Using old GRBL-M3 for PlanetCNC controller. However on version 1.0 laser doesn’t power up while engraving. Quick look at the code LB produced it seems like M3 is missing. Reverted back to 9.24. No issues here. Hope it will get fixed.
Anyway thumbs up for the work this far. Minor issues here and there but overall software is absolutely the best. Waiting for the fix :grin:

We have a fix for this already and will be releasing a patch soon.

I had this same problem. Searched everywhere because I thought I was doing something wrong. Went back to 9.24. Works. Thanks for this. Cant wait for the patch!

Latest fix resolved my issues. Thank you Lightburn :+1:

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