Version 1.0 - Ortur connection issues?

I am also having an issue. Using MacBook Pro, updated to the latest version of Lightburn. Now I cannot get Lightburn to recognize my Ortur LM2. It can find it when I go to devices, but has no control of the laser with with any of the home, go to , frame buttons. Console just says waiting for connection.

Good afternoon, After I updated, the laser does not move at all. I get the msg:’$H’ unlock on my software. I have the absolute controls set. The software was running fine this morning before the update. I am using Ortur LM 2 20 watt

Can both of you check to see if you can choose a port from the drop down shown here where it says ‘(Choose)’ ?


You might just need to choose the port it’s plugged in to.

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On that Choose drop down, ny choices are
cu.Bluetooth.incoming port

The last selection seems to work

I didn’t try laser burn, but it looks like all the controls are working. Will try it in the morning.

I downloaded the Lightburn v1.00, I can choose the ports but the laser not working. Have uninstalled Lightburn and reinstalled no success. I am not able to get the laser to move, checked all cables but unfortunately no luck at this time. Even reinstalled the previous version of Lightburn but same problem no response from the laser any assistance would be greatly appreciated thanks

I chose every port and still nothing.

Will update on my Macbook Pro 2013 and see if i can replicate didnt test on it just yet
Need to update to 72 hour days too :slight_smile:

Updated - rebooted - V1.40 Firmware OLM2 seems to work correctly
OLM2 Pro working correctly as well
Will test further
What i did notice is on the choose list more than usual items are displayed: but lightburn seen correctly both OLM2 pro and OLM2 and was able to connect to both

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Mine appears to be working ok. Full control of the laser movement and laser etch went well.

Ortur LM2 connected to MacBook Pro, running latest MacOS and Lightburn versions.

I’m having the same problem!! So glad it’s not me!


What did you do to make it finally connect?


See post #2 above. To the right od the Devices button is a drop down. I had three choices, the bottom one being usbnodem…

I set it to this and then it connected.

I have done to long laser engraves since and it has worked just fin.

Please help, I picked all the ports and my laser is not activated.

Just an update reinstalled Lightburn, did exactly as instructed chose the port and now Lightburn is back on line up and running.

Thank you

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