Version 1.4.01 will not upload to my computer

renewed my license. Version 9.18 stopped working so I upgraded to 1.4.01. When I try to install software, my computer tells me that the app is not microsoft verified. It will not install. I use Microsoft 11. I can use some help here as I am in the middle of a project.

Your Win 11 installation may be in “S Mode”, with implications described in this Microsoft FAQ:

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Tried and failed. Went to msconfig and safe mode was not checked.

Doubled and tripled checked, my computer is not in S MODE.

Can you take a screenshot of the error you are getting? Also, can you confirm that you downloaded the update from the LightBurn official site?

Download / Trial – LightBurn Software

I managed to install the program. Thanks.
However, I do not have the COLOR BAR and the right side of the screen with the DEVICE SETTING is missing as well.

Try Window->Reset to Default Layout.

Thank you very much, I would have never figured that out.
All is well, thank you, again, for all of your help.

For the benefit of others, what was the solution, allowing you to install? :slight_smile:

I shut down my computer and rebooted. When I installed your software (again), all the proper dialog boxes showed up. Installation was a snap.

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