Version 1.6.03 crashing

Just upgraded to version 1.6.03 and after a minute or two the program crashes. I’m using an Apple Macbook Pro (2019) and running Sonoma 14.5.

I have the crash report from MacOS (attached). I’ve also tried to enable the debug log but that just causes another crash and the resulting file is empty.
CrashReport.txt (67.5 KB)

Hello Rocky

Can you please forward the same report to

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Thank you!

Is their any hope with this program after the update to light burn have been causing full system crashing.and made crashing worse. And now hell I am lucky if I can get 30sec with the program before it gives a full system crash and restart.

I never had a issue with anything before this 1.6.0 update and even downgraded to version before the 1.6.0 and now same problem even after a full clean install after a hd defrag and clean. And try to import a file I was working on in 1.6 version 1.5 can’t open it at all. Costing my shop money on fabrication I can’t get done. And customers upset because I am past their deadline. Becouse of this issue.

Can’t even pull a crash report because of it causing a full system crash and windows not logging anything

This topic is for MacOS.
Uninstall and try reinstalling as Administrator.
Right-click Lightburn.exe and select: