Version 9.03 Install error

I am trying to install the new 9.03 release on Windows 10

Under Help I clicked Check for Updates
it found version 9.03 and asked if I wanted to download it
I clicked Yes and it downloaded the new file.
I closed the current instance of LighBurn
When it finished downloading I double clicked the LightBurn-v0.9.03.exe file
it stated the install process then about 30 seconds into the install I got this message


I clicked the Retry button and it did retry, but had the same problem again.

Any suggestions?

You’re likely still running LightBurn. If not, press Ctrl-Shift-Esc and check for a “dead” instance of it.

I checked the task manager and there are no LightBurn Processes running

If in doubt, reboot and try again. :slight_smile:

You sound like Microsoft Tech Support :slight_smile:

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Are you sure your malware protection isn’t blocking a modification/deletion of the LB file? Mine can be aggravating that way and I have to go into the software to find the log to see what files are being blocked and set an exception for them.

LB has never had any problem with its install process before.

But that is something I can check. It is possible that Bit Defender has added a new layer of defense software that is causing a problem.

I will turn off Bit Defender and try again.

@Grumpy_Old_Man is right. Windows doesn’t always release files properly when an application closes. This kind of crap used to happen to me all of the time on windows. Rebooting is the simplest way to resolve it.

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