Vertical Bars after removing Mirror

Any idea how to get rid of these vertical bars? My X is left to right at 0.7 Line Interval.
This is Mirror Acrylic, and the bars are definitely on the Engraved side.
I first thought I wasn’t removing all the mirror, but another pass, they remain.


Looks like banding caused by the X axis belt. Try rotating your image to see if the banding goes away.

IMHO, it looks like it’s being lased on those areas. It’s so far away from anything that should be lased I don’t think a belt could be that loose. :frowning:

Does it go all the way around or is it just in one place? Has this code run successfully before?


This was a large burn, x is 19x12 y. I thought i might haved engraved it too Jack, but ran at 190/15%.

Its weird as its only in certain areas of Y, but goes all the across the 19.

I did hear clicking I havent heard before, but thought it was the plastic chain links on the X cables.

I did also just start using an S&A. Thinking it might be power surge related, so moving S&A, Air, and Exhaust to diff circuit.

So, in regards to tightening the X axis belt.
How tight should it be, and how do you judge it?

Taught, and barely bends when you push down on it?

ok, so noticed X gear slipped on shaft, and belt was not lined up and at an angle.
It grinded it down somewhat, so need to buy a new belt now.
Best place to get belt?

Which was harder, the motor shaft, pulley or belt?

I suspect the pulley was soft and wore. Order one for replacement and you can try and limp along until it arrives. If it wobbles, it will probably show in the end product. How much depends on the wobble.

Belts you have to wait for, but it’s the same thing, how bad is it?

It has to come apart and it should be relatively easy to check and see what wore.

Good luck :slight_smile:


Hi Jack,
The set screws were not very tight, and pulley slid on shaft, which put belt at angle, and it rubbed against pulley, which tore into it. Took me awhile to find that small of an allen wrench in my toolbox drawer.

I was able to use a dental tool to scrape the rubber crud out between teeth and can almost see metal, so it will work for now, but definitely need new belt. Don’t think I need pulley, but might as well if ordering belt. Saw that it was like $3 on cloudray.

I did notice the Stepper was very hot, but not sure if that’s normal.

I worked on mirror 2 and noticed how hot the motor was. I wasn’t running it, it was just locked from being powered up. So, it’s probably normal.

I think my belt was almost $30. :frowning: for me :slight_smile: for you…


Well, Cloudray would take about a month, so might want to pay more so I don’t have to wait

It was kinda messy.

I ordered a lens tube and it came in about 48 hours. I order another one along with a nozzle. Customs from China called my wife a couple days later wondering if it was a medical laser… :frowning: Then took it a week more…

I don’t know what to think anymore… pays my money and takes my chances like everyone else. I have never had a problem with them.

Just looked at the picture, should have posted that with the original post…worth 1k in words. :slight_smile:

That looks kind of wasted, it looks like areas have no teeth… You’ll have to run a test and see how it does. Keep an eye on it. You may have to work on one end or the other…


Yes, pic was after I fixed pulley and finally tighten the 2 set screws.
I did run another full sheet afterwards, and it still had some x banding, but not as bad.

Still curious as to How Tight the belt should be?

Just set the tension properly and it will be fine… lol… Wish I could just tell you, but like most things, you have to do it to get a handle on it… I’ve had a couple different belts on the X axis on my machine. The current one is very hard compared to the original that came with the machine.

This is how I’ve done it when totally lost. If it’s an area I can duplicate the problem and make a short test pattern that shows it quickly. Change the tension, then re-run your program and see what changes it makes. You can see where it needs to be, if that’s the issue.

All of these timing belts are different. The one that come stock are generally low quality and vary in the material. Also some are not supposed to be cut. They build them different if it can be separated.

Good luck :slight_smile: