Vertical lines in darker areas of image

I have noticed lines in the picture. Seems they are getting more pronounced. I am new to lasers and I was wondering if this is a speed issue, or a dirty lense on laser. You can see them in the darker areas. Thanks.


found some info in google in scan gap I hope that will help in some form see attached

Thanks I am running at .085 so not sure

I do not think it is the scan gap because that is line distance and I do not see horizontal lines. I think it is either pwm frequency or, more likely, something with the belt.

What is pwm?

its a way of providing power to a diode that enables the diode to be powered up/down without changing the voltage. Pulse-width modulation - Wikipedia

How would I check/verify the frequency?

I do not know your diode driver, I have a dsp and can change it it machine settings or even in cutting settings. Have a look in the cuttings ettings, advance tab:

What are you engraving onto? Wood? If so, it may be the grain in the wood.
You could try turning the grain 90 degrees and do another test to see if the lines go the other direction.
It could also be the Image mode/pattern you have used to create the image. Perhaps the ‘angle’ of the shading pattern could have an effect.

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