Vertical lines - i've searched, please help!

Howdy y’all!

I have a perplexing question. I’ve searched and searched for this answer with inconclusive information.

Horizontal lines burn perfectly, vertical lines are ALWAYS thinner when the object(vector) is one layer. Namely leather / leatherette. I’ve tried 2mm-4mm defocus, higher lpi, you name it…

Example; If I make the ‘outline’ of the item a separate layer and run it after the “detailed” part of the design, the horizontal/vertical lines will be the same size. See below. Is this software related? The honeycomb tray is absolutely level, mirrors clean, lens clean. 2" lens. AEON Mira 7 btw…

My apologies on the second picture - I didn’t LA Awesome the leather after, it cleans up perfectly.

Run as one layer

Run as separate layer

Have you set up the Scanning Offset Adjustment table and enabled it, so that the edges of alternate vertical lines will start at the same position? If not, the edges of vertical lines may be underexposed and produce slightly thinner results, which is what the first picture suggests.

This is easier to diagnose in something like acrylic or cardboard, where you can see every scan line. Do your tests & measurements on disposable material, then check the results on a scrap piece of the good stuff.

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Hey thanks for the reply, I should have stated that the offsets are loaded from what Aeon sent… my apologies!

What I don’t understand is if I make the ‘outline’ a different layer and run separate - all is good in le’ hood.

Even more - if I manipulate the vertical lines in illustrator to be ‘wider’, while running everything as a single layer - all burns well.

What am I missing?

Those may or may not be appropriate for your machine, because the exact timings depend on the hardware.

Check them in acrylic / paper / whatever at various speeds using a rectangle with 0.5 mm = absurdly wide line spacing to make the offsets obvious.

Are the settings for that layer identical to the other layer?

How did you make them identical?

When I’m absolutely certain that thing can’t possibly cause the problem, I generally can’t find the cause of the problem no matter how hard I look … :grin:

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Good morning!

Timing - whats odd is that if it’s just a detailed design(no border) all is well.

the outline layer is identical. I just ungroup, make a different color, same settings. Run detail first, outline second. Comes out perfect every time.

Also - something I noticed is that when I take that whole design ( with separate layers ) and rotate them 180* of each other to save space on the leather - they come out horrible. All of them normally run in a line, they come out ok.

Ok… You’ve got me… I’m really curious now…

If you’re willing to share a Project File here, I’d like to attempt to see what’s going on.

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May I sent it via PM? i’d rather not share it publicly due to client confidentiality, thank you in advance!

You bet. Click on my User Name, or Icon and click the Blue message button. Send it privately to me there - no problem. It’s the same process as posting publicly. Thanks.

Am I on restricted hall pass?? lol

That’s on me… you have ‘mail’.

I bumped you up a little - It’ll probably be fine next time.

Thanks you sir, you have a PM.

I’ll gladly post the results/fix on the other side. I’m stumped, i’ve read through a ton of posts that surround something like this and nothing has worked other than creating a second layer.

This only happens with straight engraved vertical lines, oval shapes, horizontal engrave …etc have no issue

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