Vertical Text / Horizontally Readable Lettering

I have been looking everywhere, but I can’t seem to find a way to type vertical text, or horizontally readable lettering. Is there an option in Lightburn for that?

Perfect! But where is the option hiding?

Do you not have the icon highlighted in yellow?

I have the text icon, and the Text Editor toolbar is there, as well as the variable text editor, but i don’t see an option to type vertical. I went to the link above, and there is no mention of typing text vertically.

Type first letter, then hit enter
Type second letter, then hit enter
Repeat the process until you spell out what you want

Ah, sorry. LightBurn does not currently provide this as you are thinking. To accomplish this today, you will need to have a single letter per line.

Got it…thanks!!

It is on our list to add support for setting text to be vertical, just not there yet. :wink:

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Cool! Thanks for the help!

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