Very basics to understand where files saved go Mac

hello pat here im on the trial LightBurn and will be purchasing but I have a thunder laser and brain overload . just simple saving a project at this stage is not working and I thought I saved the speeds etc in the library but there all gone .
so im speaking Mac. where exactly do the saved files go when you press save and where should they go when you save as , also where should the library file be apart from on LightBurn ??? help would be really appreciated ! thanks pat

I just thought if I understood where they are supposed to go I could organise or recover them??? Help me please

When you click ‘save as’ it gives you the path in the gui, does it not?

I run Linux, some of it lives in ~/.config/LightBurn

When you ‘save as’ a library or a project, it will query you where you want to put it… this is the save as gui…

Screenshot from 2022-09-13 13-16-33

So where/what is the issue that isn’t working?

On my Linux box I use the ‘find’ command line daily to search the drives for files… Might want to check it out…

Good luck.


With mac, it gave a choice where? Don’t understand gui ? Theres cloud documents, no normal document. I’ve just made a folder and outing everything to desktop till I understand better! Thanks for some input but.

GUI (graphical user interface) Arrow points at the storage path.

Screenshot from 2022-09-13 13-16-33

Don’t know anything about ‘cloud’ storage.


Thanks jack

On Macs, when selecting the ‘File’ menu, you should see ‘Save’ and ‘Save As’ as options. After choosing one of these, you should see a new window allowing you to navigate your storage / file system to save the file at a location of your choice. Are you saying you are not being presented similar? Please show us, via full-screen captures, what you are observing along with the exact step-by-steps you are taking so we can assist further. :slight_smile:

thanks all, I actually sorted it myself with lots of Mac file videos on u tube . well I hope so seems to be going to just the one area and im able to recover as before I couldn’t . thanks anyway!

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