Very weird / inconsistent output issues

Good afternoon. I am experiencing the weirdest thing with output, I am marking aluminum and here is the settings as follows:

Speed: 1500mm/s
Interval: .005
Freq: 35KHz
Q Pulse: 200
Power: 35

I get sparks, sound and marking. No issues.

When I switch to 70% power, next to nothing. Between 50-70% I see relatively nothing coming out. When I get to above 70%, it’s engraving as expected.

ANY help or recommendation would help. I have switched out the PSU and it’s performing the same. Is this a control board issue?

I have the source manual for my M60 JPT M7 MOPA and it shows the data path for power is an 8 bit parrallel byte.

I’ve never had mine open, but I run it at 20% quite a bit for various things, so it’s not operating correctly from your description.

I don’t really know how you can check to seperate the controller from the source on these.

I don’t know if there’s anything you can really do, but pick one and swap it out…

Here is my source manual, maybe it will help.

Keep us updated.

Good luck


Since the last update,all my settings for my slate coasters were changed. I re-entered the values and now all coasters come out dark and inconsistent . Before the new updates 100% successful.

This should be a new topic.

Can you explain what/why?

There is only three posts and they are all appear to be related to the title…


Sure, I can explain… If the title said “My machine is broke”, just about any posting would be within that phrase. However, the first posting set the pattern for the content. The second posting mentioned an update, The first mentioned power scaling issues. If you think these are related, I stand corrected.

They all seemed to target output issues, usually power… I don’t know if we can actually physically check how the output power is set without some expensive tools, so I gave him the source manual…

They seem OK, it just got me thinking I missed something… of course this never happens :man_shrugging:

Thanks for bringing it up.


Replacing the 24 Pin resolved the issue.