VEVOR 20W USB CO2 Laser Engraver

Lightburn is offering me two opentions when I am trying to add VEVOR machine. Which one shall I use and what is the difference please?

I have choose the serial/USB and changed the home to front left but the Y axis is moving on the oppsoite site and the homing is not changed to front left.

What do you suggest please?

Where are the physical endstops on your machine? Where the end stops are, there is your machine origin.

I can not find a 20Watt CO2 laser machine from this brand, is there anything I have misunderstood?

Unfortuantely, the 40W head stopped working after couple of weeks. I replaced it with 20W for testing.

The @LightBurn mentioned in previous post that you can amend the settings on the machine controller.

I pressed on Z/U button and changed the origin to “Bottom left” ,but when i press go to origin it goes to the previous origin.

In Lightburn you have the ability to set an “origin” anywhere in the working area. So hit the clear origin button and then set your origin where you’d like it.

Remember, there is also a machine “Home” location and that is where they machine should always go when powered up and I like to send the laser head to Home after every engrave process. Home is where the endstops live on my machines.

Generally, you don’t get to pick. Whatever corner it goes to when powered up is the ‘origin’ that the device wizard is asking for. This is usually based on the machine having limit switches for it to ‘home’ and is hardware dependent and can not be selected via software.

I think it would help if you would tell us what kind of machine you have. The Valor page has has a wide range of lasers they sell. We are guessing on most of this stuff. I don’t know of any 20 watt co2 lasers on the market, doesn’t mean there aren’t any, but it would help us help you.

The type is also dependent on the controller in the machine itself. You apparently have both grbl and Ruida type controllers on your machines. It is important for us to know which to give you proper information.

I also question when you say you have changed the ‘head’ to a different wattage, indicating the probability of an ss laser, not a co2. On a co2, you change the tube…

Might want to read up on Coordinate and Job Origin in the Lightburn Documentation. :slight_smile:

There is also setups for different types of controller boards.


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