Vevor A7 moving and laser working, only burning for 1/4 inch

Hi, I just downloaded lightburn and have been playing with it. It seems to not want to engrave though… I set the correct height distance. I’m running at 100% power at 200mm/m and I get either a 1/4 of burned or nothing. I have the following settings (picture). I’m very confused. It took a minute for Lightburn and the Vevor A7 5 Watt to figure out they needed to jive… Which kind of showed what I was in store for. I’d like to be able to actually use my purchased engraved. Help please? Thank you for your time.

Check this out it might be helpful, I hope. :smiley:

I watched the video, that was how to set up and the basics. I have what I assume to be a problem. I did some more tests and now I understand that a 5w laser is quite weak. I ran it at 200% power at 50mm/m on pine wood. The line (picture) started out black then seemed like it didn’t want to burn as much anymore. Please advise?

You are correct about a 5 watt laser. (In the world of lasers.)
Next I would say is to try the material test generator, and see if that can help you to better dial in your speed and power settings for your machine.

Edit: Also double check the mechanics, belts properly tensioned, no loose setscrews, loose wiring connections, things like that.

Not possible. You cannot over-power a diode laser. !00% is all you get, and that is 4-5.5w output based on the laser module.

You sure you are not using mm/s setting? If so, that would be 3000mm/m and would produce the line you show. Try using 1500mm/m and 60% power to make your line.

200% was just a typo, I didn’t catch it, I know it’s not possible. It’s definitely in mm/m. I’ll try it, but lower power at much higher speed would just leave even less of a line I’m guessing.

Ok, but that makes the issue much worse. With a 10w laser, I can mark wood using 2200mm/m and 30% power. You should be able to do the same with 1100mm/m and 30% power.

Are you sure your laser is a 5w output power unit? It should say so on the laser head label.

I’m certain it’s a 5w, it says so in two spots on the engraver. I know I have a worse problem… That’s why I came here :sweat_smile: