Vevor CNC 3040 to Lightburn on a Mac

Hi Everyone, I have just purchased a CNC 3040 machine. I am having troubles connecting it to my Lightburn software on my Macbook Air. Is there a step by step guide? the error message keeps saying, Failed to connect Already in use?.. I am running Ventura 13.0.1 on my Mac, the machine is GRBL, 15 watt, USB.

USB cables without ferrite core usually are the cause of connection failure.
Are you using a ferrite core USB connection cable?

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Yes, and we find ourselves reading, testing and rewriting all the time. So boiled right down - there are three things that I’ve seen prevent connections with Laser Engravers by USB on the Mac.

The Driver and clicking OK when installing it.
Here’s the driver.

Download it and install it ‘Like a Boss’. While that can seem like a throw away saying, there is is a key point here. ‘Run as administrator’ if possible and watch out for the sneaky bit.

When given a choice between a handful of words and an OK button, the OK button can win out. Don’t be fooled, often the handful of words are about entering your password or consenting to whatever ‘the deal’ is with the driver. This sidelines more folks than we find out about.

The CNC 3040 machine is usually an extended 3018. No issue here. It will probably work well although the lead-screws run slower than the belt driven engravers.

If you are willing to take some good clear pics of the controller, It would be helpful to be able to identify the processor (largest chip) and the Serial driver chip (one of the middle-sized chips) on that board. Manufacturers most often choose a CH340 or CH341 chip but there are a couple of others that we should watch for.

In LightBurn, you can usually stack 2 control windows on the Right hand side of your screen. For this, you need the Console window ( to watch the incoming messages) and you need the Laser window (to select a different communication port)

While watching the Console window, select a new communication port in the Laser window by clicking the middle button in the bottom row.

Ideally you’ll see an option with the letters ‘wch’ in the name. Please select that port if you see it.

Watch the Console window for about 10-15 seconds. If you see no startup message, right-click the Devices button, the left most button on the bottom row in the Laser window. This sends a Hard reset to the laser engraver which may wake it up and connect it. Wait another 10-15 seconds.

If you see no connection, this can be normal. Exit LightBurn and restart it. I don’t know why, but this was the work-around to get a Macbook running 13.0.1 to connect for me.

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