VIDEO: Ease in using 'Beginner Mode'

LightBurn contains a full suite of tools for designing, optimizing, and running jobs with your laser. There is a lot to learn, especially if this is your first laser. LightBurn’s “Beginner Mode” helps ease this process by removing extra tools and functions you won’t need immediately. In this video, we show you how to enable “Beginner Mode” and go over some of the ways it helps expedite your laser journey.

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Public Service Announcement

When you find an interesting topic in the forum that reveals a nifty feature / setting / configuration, but can’t find it anywhere in your copy, remember your LightBurn is running in Beginner Mode.

Turn Beginner Mode off, all will be revealed, and you’ll never go back.



Dam I like the boolean and align assistants better. but want rest of functions. Why are those not default?

Boolean Assistant is available with Beginner Mode turned off. Align Assistant is also a good tool to have available, I will put that into the request bucket. :slight_smile:

Boolean assistant is available in menu, but your basically duplicating functions when they could be accessed right there in toolbar and eliminate a couple or icons.

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