📺 <VIDEO>Why is this FONT everywhere?





Yep. Overused, and in my opinion (not that it means much), a very uninspiring font.

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It is a nice but overused font indeed!

off-topic… what program do you use to keep order in your fonts?

Here you go @sensor




i KNEW you would respond! :slight_smile:
Thank you! I am going to give this one a try.

Mac OS’s Font Book (system utility).


FontBase, eh?
It even runs on Linux. I’ll give it a try!

Awesome if you have Mac :desktop_computer:

This one is for the rest of the 93% of non Mac OS peeps


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He asked what we used, not what was most popular.

I wonder what the percentage of Mac licenses Oz sells is?

That would be more relevant than counting every big business and government computer, and every old dog of a PC going back to '83.

Not knocking you friend, I just said that The others will never know the beauty of your tool.

Here is some information on your question from April of this year

It’s from this thread


Yes, the download is free.
But then, mysteriously they need $3.00 per month.
No thanks.
I’ve been using Dafont for a number of years now and its truly free.

Thank you for the update. I did not know that . I heard good things about the program but have not personally used it.


Hey Sasquatch, love the recommendation! I downloaded FontBase and it works fine with Lightburn. I can not get it to work with Gimp or Inkscape, I don’t suppose you have a simple solution??

Have you tried rebooting the computer and/or programs sometimes they need a rest whenpermissions to access have changed


No such luck…Ive tried running everything as admin as well. Damn, that would have been such a nice addition… thanks anyways.

I got mine working in Linux.
Sorting through fonts now trying to decide what to enable and what to disable…

If you ever feel the need to create your own font…

:slight_smile: Been playing with it for a few hours and it is really nice.

font manager. there’s a free version as well as paid versions. of course the paid has a few more options than the free but the free still allows like 2,500 fonts I think it was. I’ve already upgraded, just trying to get Lightburn to play nice and install my fonts.

Please elaborate.