Vigor L7 making cutting tab holders


I don’t know if it a compatibility issue,

With my Vigor L7, equipped with a Bx20 (20W)

No matter what I do, the cutting function leaves always “holding tabs”,

I do not want them, I want to cut a whole circle clean.

Any help ?

Ok I think I undertsand:

We have cutting mode ON or OFF in a settings tab.

I understand that leaving Tabs holding, to breack-up the cut-off design is OK ,
just like holes in a paper that can be removed … a tab … like a Check.

Now my question is:
in cutting mode, we see that the laser shoots points: blinks .
in engraving mode, the laser is continuously on: beam .

If what I understood is right;

In this famous cutting mode, since you are shooting blinks, does that laser shot uses
a 100% of the laser or more than that?

As you know in many applications, a limitation of a device can be boosted by using it only a fraction of a second … or microsecond …at a very high load: 200% for example.

Please these are very important questions, I will not be able to invest 60€ in this great software without these clarifications.

Best regards

Can you take a screenshot of the Cut settings? If I am understanding you correctly then no, the laser light should not be blinking for cutting. Or at least does not need to be.

Yes, I have finally understood:

Perforating mode is about the handling of the material.

no the way the laser is used.

Forgive mostly the translators :slight_smile: I confused meanings in the menus/settings,

mine are in frenchy funny language :slight_smile:

This case seems close to me !

And thank you .