Vigotec VG-L7X Working

Hi All,

Anyone wanting to use one of these with Lightburn please pop over to Github
A few SMD resistors gone and a couple of wires turns this into a very usable device.
I didn’t need to flash any firmware either.


Hi @Shortybob, I did mine “switchable” and works fine with LightBurn and other not commercial software, except with UGS(Universal G-Code Sender) which looks having trouble with the customized Vigo “welcome message” got when try to connect with the controller.
I decided to have the option to select between “Vigo” and “Grbl” operation modes just in case somebody of my family needs to use the engraver and doesn´t developed yet the skils with LightBurn or other software. Vigotec software is a poor development but it´s easy to manage. Below a picture of my controller board just after finish the first mod I did to test the concept (now I´m modifying it shorten and rising the cables to a piece of breadbord). I did some posts in GitHub about the tests&results.



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