Vintage Leather Scout Woggles

These leather Scout woggles are cut out using steel dies, the dies were designed in Lightburn. They are embossed with Acetal Stamps, which were designed in Lightburn and then engraved on one of my lasers. The leather was stained and then rubbed back to give a Vintage look.


Nice work and they do look vintage :+1:

Nice work, once again!
How do you control the depth of cut when engraving the patterns into Acetal?

Experimenting. First one I did didn’t go deep enough, so I sanded it flat and ran again at a slower speed.

Why not cut the leather with the laser?

It’s slow and the burnt edges are a pain to clean. I use cutting dies as I often cut hundreds at a time.

Ah okay :slight_smile: makes sense.
I used cutting dies… but went to laser cuts instead… less of a hassle and fast as well!