Vintage picture frames

Vintage picture frames using .120 birtch & .100 acrylic


nice idea. I will have to see what I can come up with using this idea.

Thanks, if you want a cutting file for one let me know. [removed email]

I removed your email… the bots will have a great time with it…

You can contact someone via PM (personal message). Click on their name in the head of the posting. You will have the message option… You can share personal information via that mechanism safely… :wink:

Frames are beautiful… Thanks for sharing…


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oval tall 100 test.lbrn (486.3 KB)
antuiqe pic frame oval tall
ovalwidea.lbrn (464.4 KB)
antuiqe pic frame oval wide
round a.lbrn (492.9 KB)
antuiqe pic frame round


This is such a cute project!!! Well done!

Thanks you

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Great job, Tom… thanks for sharing!

Could you share how you use the AI tools to help generate these and especially your complicated designs?

I would be happy to. I do all designing in Light burn and use Adobe Illustrator to great 3d objects or colorize a logo, stickers etc. Pic shows sample of each but the original graphic is cutting program.

What first, 3d objects A.I. or designing in cutting programs.

Complicated designs, tell me witch of my projects would give me an idea of what you want learn.


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Thanks, fun project, the gentleman in tall frame was great grand father when he was chief of police in rock springs Wyoming.