Vinyl Covered Wood Cuts

So, total rookie here.
I am making a project that is 2 layers. The top layer is painted wood. I’d like the second layer to be covered in a glitter vinyl.
I’m reading all sorts of stuff about chlorine in vinyl, cutting HTV vinyl, etc. To save me lots of time, I want to go ahead and adhere my vinyl piece before cutting. Is that possible?
I’m assuming it would change cut speed/power.

For the record, I have an 80 watt black/blue Chinese laser with a Ruida controller. I have A LOT to learn, but wanted to start with making sure I wasn’t going to kill myself.

There are non-vinyl products of a nature similar to the sign vinyl that is common and dangerous to use on a laser.

A few contributors to one post on the forum provides for a selection of sources.

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