Vinyl Cutters compatible with LightBurn?

Does any one has try it? or does someone knows if LightBurn can be used in a Vinyl Cutter? Thank you in advance for your comments.

You can export the file as an adobe illustrator file. If you have installed the plotterdive in AI, than it is possible to plot the file in vinyl…

So if I understand correctly what you are saying is: I can’t cut in a vinyl plotter directly from LightBurn?

LightBurn was designed for Laser cutters. No, you can not directly use LightBurn to properly drive your non-laser device such as your vinyl cutter. You could try to use the GRBL-M3 Device profile, save the GCode, then edit that file to provide the vinyl cutter specific code, but that would be post LightBurn.

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Well I was waiting to hear this but needed to give it a try any way. Thanks for the info.

What do you actually have? It’s something I’ve considered trying, because the editor itself would have to change very little, assuming I could figure out the control protocols.

Let me know if you want to experiment with vinyl cutters. I have a ProCut CR630 and easy access to another high end commercial one (brand not coming to me right now) that leverages HPGL, and some access to a little Zing Click-N-Cut.

I have a RedSail Series R. I would love to work with you in experimenting and running test. I am ready to hear back from you and start working on this.

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