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Super useful features. I love them. Doing some experiments, putting both to work together, I found one thing that maybe could be improved or final user trained :slight_smile: (pebkac). I created one simple square and added a variable text into it, then when generating a array, everything goes well up to the number 9 and then the pattern restarts from 0. How can I get it to continue increasing the serial number ?

Please see example attached:

I believe it is in the formatting- watch video on Lightburn’s space on YouTube. Something having to do with a zero.
From OZ, the developer, hope this helps: " LightBurnOzOwner / Lead Developer

May '20

Any text that you want treated literally should be enclosed in a single quote, otherwise the system interprets the extra zero as part of the formatting (denoting leading zeros).

Make your text like this: Serial No: 0ddd’052020’

Similarly, if your prefix string was: Industrial ID: 0ddd
The ‘d’ in ‘industrial’ would confuse the number replacement code, so you’d have to quote that too.

The single quotes will be removed in the final result."

Hi Patrick. Thank you for your help on this subject. I tested as you suggested with the single quote and does not look like this is the fix for this case. Using the quote, I receive all squares with the same number as output. Answer to this mistery to be unveiled yet :-).

This is due to only having a single formatting code. How does one represent the number ten using only a single digit? :wink: Adding a second code will allow for 2 digit resolution, as you are wanting. Three codes for 3 digit resolution, and so on.

Separately, using Variable Text in a Virtual Array may present issues, so for now, check closely that things are produced as you’d expect. Some background…

Providing the ‘Virtual Array’ option is a 2 part development effort. First, providing the ability to define and manage within LightBurn. The second effort will bring Hardware-based Virtual Array support for the DSP control systems providing this function. The second part is going to take some time to complete.

Currently, when you create a Virtual Array in LightBurn, there is one ‘master’ object, the rest are just virtual representations of the master. In the case of having Variable Text elements embedded in the array, the current implementation has the workspace resolve the master and then produce copies of that. This is technically correct, but not what some might expect. Whereas, using the same array, selecting the ‘Preview’ (or sending / starting the job) will flatten the array, resolving any dynamic objects (text shapes), and presents the results as expected.

Discussions on the best ways to address these issues continue… :wink:

Oh wow! You’re genius! Thank you very much Rick - “mistery” solved - was a PEBKAC!

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